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Fashion Road Test: The Sneaker Wedge

The Problem:
You’ve grown accustomed to sporting commuter sneakers for that faithful walk from your car to the office, or for your unglamorous 30-minute subway ride home. And why not? You’re not one to have your tootsies suffer for fashion. You scoff at the superficial nature of it all – you’re above vanity, but then it dawns on you… have you become that sad woman who is satisfied with just comfort? Have you lost your fashion zeal and become the girl who shuffles by in life wearing a comfy, yet heinous-looking pair of shoes? Are you a lost style cause?

My Solution:
I laced up my Ash High-Top Wedges, which I paired with a cute little party dress as I traipsed into Target’s 50th Anniversary party. The shoes just looked the part and they gave me the much-needed extra height (this editor is sadly, only 5’2) with its build-in 2.5-inch platform. I was all set to sip champagne while rocking actual sneakers; it was gearing up to be quite the life-changing experience!

But then the true test arouse: the elevator stopped running. I was forced to walk up five flights of concrete stairs. Other editors perished, tragically kicking off their stilettos to battle the rest of the journey to the top. But I sprinted with ease, feeling like a modern day Flo-Jo! I was profusely complemented on my choice of footwear for the duration of the night, without the normal prerequisite pain. I knew I was onto something. And now, all I want to do is share the wealth with my fellow sisters of style!

You can pick up a pair, too! 

Ash Sneaker Wedges

Nike Dunk High Sneaker Wedges

-Ericka N. Goodman

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