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[FRESH MAN] What Men DON’T Want for Christmas

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We offered you, our readers, an in depth holiday gift guide of things men (and women) would like. So please, just do us men a favor and don’t buy us anything listed below.

ISSUE #1: If you feel your man is stylish and you want to buy him clothes, here’s why you should rethink that strategy (or at least go with him to the store):

“Most women buy clothes that match their personal preference rather than the style of their man, which can lead to an awkward smile, and us never wearing it. My advice would be: go with him to his favorite store, watch him try it on, check the size, and then buy it later.”

—Justin Harmon, Miami, Florida, 25

“I would really prefer my woman not buy me a suit! If it doesn’t fit right or the color is off, I would almost ask, ‘Can I return it, boo?’ ”

—Norman, Newark, New Jersey, 32

“I don’t feel my girl truly understands the essence of my style. I would rather her give me a gift card.”

—Nate, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 21

Lesson LearnedIf you want to buy your man clothes this Christmas, either go with him to the store, let him try it on, and then peep the size. Or just slide him a gift card to his favorite store… it’s that simple!


ISSUE #2: Well, my man doesn’t care too much for clothing, so what do I get him?

“Personally, I’m a sucker for a nice watc., I feel like you can’t mess that up. Look at the watches I already wear and get something similar.”

—Chancellor, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 29

“Give me a good book, one that aligns with my job or future goals. Now that’s sexy!”

—Jamel, Baltimore, Maryland, 28

“Every guy appreciates a little technology: an iPad, some Beats by Dre. If he’s into photography, buy him a camera. It’s a win-win.”

—Justin Harmon, Miami, Florida, 25

Lesson Learned: Men aren’t that complicated, so focus on what your man is passionate about it, and then get a gift that caters to building his knowledge or skills in that area.


ISSUE #3: Lastly, what is the worst possible gift you can get your man this holiday season? The guys weighed in:

“Please don’t get me something cheesy or sentimental that speaks about how our love is this or that. I know we’re together. Get me a real present.”

 —Norman, Newark, New Jersey, 32

“My woman likes jewelry, therefore she think I like jewelry, which leads to her buying me something gaudy that draws a lot of attention. I like simplicity. A small ring, nothing that announces, ‘Look at me.’ ”

—Nate, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 21

“No video games or movies. I don’t want things that’ll keep me on the couch. I want a gift that’ll inspire me to be better. How about a weight set? That’s thinking.”

—Jamel, Baltimore, Maryland, 28

“I remember when my woman,bought me luggage for Christmas. I’m thinking, did you plan the vacation as well? Tickets for a vacation within the luggage would’ve been thoughtful, but just luggage?”

—Wayland, Union, New Jersey, 38

Lesson Learned: We like “real” gifts. Even though a gift(s) which symbolizes something special in your relationship may mean a lot to you, it may not do much for your man. Stay away from items that are juvenile, like a video game set, and opt for something that add value to his life, and probably your life as well, like a weight set.


3 Ultimate Gift Giving Tips:

1. Get him something he wants. If you don’t know what he wants… just ask.

2. Get creative… just don’t take it too far. 

3. Don’t overthink. If all else fails, get him some technology—iPad, upgraded phone, camera, TV, Blu-Ray player. You get the idea.

Have fun shopping! 

Corey Chalumeau is’s Menswear Style Contributor. For sartorial advice on the daily, follow him @MrAestheticCJC on Twitter, and @MrAesthetic on Instagram.

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