Grooming Minute: Brow Shaping Dos & Don’ts

Arch enemy beware! Many men wonder if their secret obsession with taming their brows is an issue. Not to worry. The ladies will love you for wanting to keep everything fine-tuned. Follow these simple tips and never have to worry again.

DO use an eyebrow gel, like Tweezerman Browmousse, and put a muzzle on those unruly hairs.

Tip: An at-home solution to this problem would be taking a clean, unused toothbrush and applying either your favorite moisturizer or aloe vera gel to comb them through the brows.

DO trim your brows with small scissors to keep them shaped.

Tip: Brush your brows straight up and trim away little stragglers that don’t belong with Tweezerman Moustache Scissors.

DO groom moderately by taking tweezers every once in a while and cleaning up a few strays under the brow.

Tip: When tweezing, do not go for a particular shape; embrace the shape you have and clean up around that. Try the Tweezerman Essential Grooming Kit to better suit your needs.

DON’T arch your brows.

Tip: If you must get your brows waxed or threaded, keep your brows thick and bold to better frame your face.

DON’T shave your brows. Instead, stick to trimming and tweezing to keep them in shape.

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Image: courtesy of Jash Jay

Tip: Just keep razors away from the brows. (That's way too close to your eye!)

DON’T let a unibrow define your face.

Tip: One good wax will clean it right up. From there, keep a good pair of tweezers around (like the Tweezerman Slant Tweezer) to keep "brows" apart.

— Mariah Reed


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