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New Gucci Pre-Fall Campaign Features All Black Models

gucci instagram

Thursday, the 1921 luxury brand Gucci, rolled out a series of photos to its social media accounts introducing the world to its pre-fall ’17 campaign. The campaign, “Soul-Scene” depicted an all Black cast, wearing vibrant vintage colors with afros and 60’s themed hairstyles.

The first caption read, Presenting the #GucciPreFall17 campaign: referencing the spirit of England’s underground Northern Soul movement of the 60s. Photographer: @_glen_luchford Creative direction and styling: #AlessandroMichele Art director: @christophersimmonds

While the photographer, stylist, creative and art directors, are not Black, they managed to capture a positive and accurate representation of the Underground Northern Soul movement from the 60s. A few months back, they shared casting videos of the models. See Below:



So far, the Soul-Scene campaign has been receiving mixed reviews. Many people are happy that one of the world’s leading luxury brand is finally representing Black culture and using Black models to do so. On the other hand, some people feel that Gucci is exploiting the Black culture and using it as a new trend.




In light of the past conversations in the fashion world discussing the lack of Black representation on the runways and the industry, does this new emergence of Black everything satisfy the scarcity that was so previously prevalent?

Yes, there have been multiple cases of diversity strides within the fashion and beauty industry. But why are we constantly praising luxury brands for including Black models when this should have been done a long time ago? Does Gucci advertise in Black publications? Will they advertise this “soul-scene” campaign in Black media?

As a community, we have to decide whether want to embrace the exposure that Black people have been recently receiving in the fashion and beauty industry or if we want to reject it. What do you think? Are you happy with Gucci’s pre-fall 17 campaign? Do you think we are being exploited for the sake of the “trend” or are you rejoicing for the growing presence we now have? Comment below!