HOW HIGH? 15 Jumpin’ Jumpsuits for Summer

HOW HIGH? 15 Jumpin’ Jumpsuits for Summer

Channel the '70s in you with this Modern take on Jumpsuits now!

This summer, take a leap to one of those insanely good places that knows no bounds. You know, a time warp back in to the old days where jumpers, rompers, playsuits and the like are vaulted in good nature.

While we don’t expect you to squeeze into your mother’s jumpsuit or splurge on Jada Pinkett Smith's Valentino romper—we do expect you to sub out those trousers for springing suits that are as groovy today as they were at the disco.

And with options available in all price brackets and styles, they are guaranteed to go fast—so pounce now, and ask how high later!

—Nicole Miles

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