Yasss, Janelle! Get Into “Electric Lady”

Yasss, Janelle! Get Into "Electric Lady"

Melanie Martin on why she can't get enough of the Cover Girl's latest video

We're loving Janelle's new look and video! 

Stop what you are doing right now and watch Janelle Monae's new video, "Electric Lady."

Seriously. STOP. AND. Watch.

And you agree that Janelle looks like a mocha goddess in this video, yes?

Now, I've always been a Janelle fan, and the first time I saw her perform live, I practically fell in love. 

But I can't take her in this video. It's too much. She's too fly. It's not fair to be that Beautifully Brown. She's serving Black college cuteness, and giving us throwback style with her fab fro' and varsity crop jacket (and showing off that banging body, might I add). Need I say more? She's…just…everything. 

Peep the video, and get ready to end your day at work on a bang. 

Oh, and I'm here for the cameos from T-Boz, Estelle, Monica, choreographer Fatima Robinson, Esperanza Spalding…I just love it! 

Melanie Yvette is the Associate Beauty and Style Editor for EBONY.com and the girl behind #BeautifullyBrown. Follow her on Instagram @MelanieYvette!


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