Why Kerry Washington Rocks Her Natural Hair These Days

Kerry Washington Feature Image

Actress Kerry Washington is breathtakingly beautiful, and for the past two years, the Scandal actress has been all natural when it comes to her locs.

For years, Washington has been rocking relaxed hair or extensions, but that all changed after she became a mom.

“I have grown to like my hair more and more over the years. I won’t have any chemicals in it. I stopped relaxing my hair in my early 20s,” the actress and mother of two told Allure.

Did we mention that she’s the mag’s cover star?

When she’s on set, the star concedes that there’s someone who literally follows her around to maintain that she’s “perfect.”

“There’s someone who follows me around all day long on the set. Like, literally follows me to make sure there’s not a single hair out of place,” she said. “This is somebody’s full-time job.”

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Image: courtesy of Yasaf, Lit

But once those cameras are turned off, Washington can let her hair down, literally.

“Friday night’s concealer is very different than Tuesday afternoon’s concealer. They get thicker as the week goes on and you get more exhausted,” Washington revealed.

The November issue of Allure featuring Kerry Washington is available on stands now.

Go, girl!


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