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The New Vintage: Leather Baggy Pants Are ‘Back, Back and Forth’!

No one on planet Earth can rock a pair of leather baggy pants like the late great R&B princess Aaliyah Dana Haughton. And seemingly in homage to Aaliyah, these slouchy leather pants (which are often paired with crop tops) are making quite the resurgence. After being overrun with overtly sexy wears throughout the early 2000s, these tomboy chic leather slacks are quite the welcome change of pace. And today’s divas are getting in on the fun. We’ve seen likes of Beyoncé wearing En Noir, Rihanna in Céline and Alicia Keys in Hervé Léger loose-fitting leatherplacing this trend back on the scene. Of course they may have spent hundreds to thousands of dollars for a pair, but fear not, as there's no need to splurge. Click through to find this look for less.

—Victoria Dieudonne

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