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Look the Part – The New Rules of Power Dressing

Make a statement about who you are—and the job you love—with a wardrobe that is organized, fitting and appropriate for the often varied tasks at hand. Whether you’re managing portfolios, scribing a script, launching your own app or teaching third grade, you need a definitive look that allows you to shine in your own way. As you’ve done with your career, build your work-ready wear step-by-step, starting with a few staples. And remember: Dressing for the position may not guarantee you a six-figure deal, but it could help you get through the front door. Try these ensembles and be prepared to take your ladder-climbing to the next level.

The Stylish Scholar

You’re sculpting young minds and influencing a new generation. You’re busy. We get it. But that doesn’t mean you need to be the disheveled mad professor with faded khakis and tape wrapped around the bridge of your glasses. Break out a tweed blazer with leather elbow patches, a warm knit sweater and smart trousers. Next, anchor the look with a classic loafer. Modernize your footwear by snagging a pair in suede, with a thicker sole for comfort and durability. Tie your academic  look together with a briefcase rather than a backpack.

The Wall Street Mogul

Walk in the room like the wolf you are wearing this classic navy pinstriped suit color-blocked against a red power tie, which may help you close the deal before you even begin negotiations. A tailored fit, crisp pocket square and statement watch is a subtle homage to the brokers of yesteryear. Use them as finishing touches to create an authoritative yet elegant outfit.

Read more in the December 2014 issue of EBONY Magazine.

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