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[MEN’S STYLE] Would You Pay $100 for Boxer Briefs?

[MEN’S STYLE] Would You Pay $100 for Boxer Briefs?

Frigo Underwear

Acclaimed as the most innovative line of breathable underwear for men on the market, Frigo RevolutionWear is becoming a popular name amongst men. From game changing, supportive and breathable materials, form and techniques, to its cool and airy feeling, many men are looking at the new brand underwear as an investment piece.

Each pair has an adjustable mesh pouch, and the premium blend of material consists of several microfibers fused together alongside silicon-lined legs that hug the thighs and prevent bunching and rolling. While that’s a mouthful, we still had to find out if these were really worth the price.

Our Arts & Culture Editor (and style connoisseur) Miles Marshall Lewis put the pair to the test. Check out what he had to say about the newest investment boxer briefs to hit the market.

On their breathable material…

“They are really breathable. But I must say, I have a pair of Calvin Klein briefs that sort of feel the same.”

On their support and elimination of bunching and rolling up…

“I’m supported, sure. And they don’t bunch up under suit slacks like boxers do, so I have to give them superb credit for that.”

On feeling restricted or too snug “down there”…

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“I don’t feel constricted or gross at all. The elastic on my thighs feels kind of feminine though, like there should be a garter belt attached to my socks or something.”

On feeling dry throughout his busy work day…

“Maybe the winter weather helps, but I felt completely dry. I didn’t work out in them though; that will be my next adventure.”

To purchase or find out more about the Frigo RevolutionWear brand, check out their site!

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