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Naomi Campbell’s Salon Under Fire

Naomi Campbell

Orlo Salon, the high-profile salon located in the Meatpacking district of New York City and home to $800 haircuts and celebrity clientele — including supermodel Naomi Campbell — is being sued for racial discrimination by ex-stylist Zandra Bennett. Bennett accused co-owner George Casson and receptionist Alfred Malavo of a number of offensive racial remarks. Bennett filed the suit after being fired, via text message, for missing work while hospitalized for, what she claimed to be, job-related stress.

According to Bennett, Casson informed her that "Black hair doesn't pay the bills here" and continuously referred to Bennett's hair as "nappy" and directed Black clients to her, insisting that she "doesn't know how to do white hair." As for Malavo, Bennett claims that the receptionist often called her "niggerette," "slave," and "blackie." Casson has yet to make a public statement regarding these claims, but if these allegations prove correct, then Campbell, who is known for speaking out against injustices in the fashion industry, should certainly speak up.

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