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Sephora Casts Its Most Diverse Holiday Campaign to Date

Sephora is gearing up for the holidays and we’re happy to announce that the beauty product and perfume line has released its most diverse campaign yet!

For its spotlight on beauty, the brand launched its Reach Out and Gift campaign, one that highlights the truth: there is not one definition of beauty.

For the special campaign,

For its new Reach Out and Gift campaign, the beauty retailer cast 10 of its own employees as the ad’s stars. Sephora dipped into its pool of North American beauty experts (or cast members as they’re referred to by the retailer) for the first time ever.

More than 10,000 employees applied to be featured in the campaign, InStyle reports. 10 were selected for the finally cut based on how they define unique beauty and what it meant to them.

The ad, which was shot by photographer duo Inez and Vinoodh, represents Sephora’s diverse customer base. The campaign is a fine example of embracing individuality in the fashion and beauty industry.

Kudos to Sephora for seeking to be more diverse and inclusive in its advertisements.



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