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Solange, Carol’s Daughter Go Separate Ways


After a year and a half of being prominently featured in their ad campaigns, Solange has decided to part ways with Carol's Daughter. Although this is a newsworthy story because it involves two known figures, an entertainer and a sponsor going their separate ways isn't usually a big deal. It happens all of the time.

But, in this case, Solange's reasoning for leaving the company could potentially open up a can of worms.

“I was constantly fighting for the right message to be heard. The message that the way we wear our hair is a personal choice, there’s no right or wrong way; one way doesn’t make us more intelligent, or more superficial, and every one makes that choice for very different reasons."

Hmm. Although the much talked about "team natural" vs "team relaxed" beef is largely overblown, Solange's statement does reflect a bit on how the way a Black woman chooses to wear her hair has an effect on how she's perceived. It wouldn't be a big surprise if this story turns out to have some legs.

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