There are a few sartorial tricks of the trade that will guarantee you a spot on your favorite menswear blog or Instagram feed. And, believe it or not, all it takes is a simple formula to carry you into the world of fashion notoriety. Follow this basic outline and find what you need to grab your 15 minutes of Internet fame.

01 The casual—but not-quite-casual—guy
 Think chambray basics, tailored neutrals, nautical-inspired prints and neck accoutrement. He’s going for the “I’m just chilling but didn’t forget my neckerchief” vibe.

Lacoste Bucket  Hat ($34.99;
Saint Laurent  Bandana Print Scarf  ($645;
Brooks Brothers  Suede Bucks ($198;

02 The Rich Hipster
The “I’m a pop-art gallery owner or venture capitalist gone rogue” look. Go for tailored pieces with abstract accents; add laid-back kicks as the finishing touch.
H&M  Denim Blazer  ($129;
David Yurman Stainless Steel Watch ($3,000;
Converse Jack Purcell  Classic Sneakers  ($60;

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