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THAT THING: Cease + Desist ‘Digi Jesus Piece’

There are two things that grew right along with me during my childhood: video games and hip-hop. Some of my fondest memories involve somebody’s wood-paneled basement, a semi-functional “regular Nintendo” hooked up to a grainy tube television set and a stereo blasting the latest Kris Kross and Wu-Tang Clan. My world was filled with tangled video game controller cords and dreams of tangled gold chains and I couldn’t have been happier.

As the years go by and the basements get redone, the television sets get thinner and thinner, and the pixelated video games become less and less distinguishable from reality, I still find myself fighting the urge to look back to a time where things were simpler while acknowledging the fact that I am getting older and more mature.

Enter the Cease and Desist “Digi Jesus” piece. As our world has moved into the digital era, so does Hip-Hop’s favorite pendant. This one of a kind 8-bit design gives an interesting glimpse into the future, while paying respect to the beloved Jesus pieces of the past. Not too gaudy, but still very noticeable, It’s a perfect combination of nostalgia and digital progression. Like an iPod that plays your songs with that lo-fi cassette tape quality. I honestly couldn’t see the hip-hop Super Mario of my dreams rocking anything else BUT this. It speaks directly to someone like me, caught in limbo between “the good ol’ days” and the new digital frontier.

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