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THAT THING: Gold Luxury Skin Cream by Georgia

She had me at Black cameo.

If you're a sucker for packaging and melt whenever your refined sense of design and all things beautiful is titillated, well, here you go. Of course, if your real thing is luxurious, dewy, skin- quenching body creams then this, dearest, is all you. Now if you're a time-tested, bonafied scent queen with a ne'er-be-fooled expert nose, I can only dare you to find a sweeter, deeper rose note.

Last and most importantly folks, it would be completely unfair not to warn that if "Black woman-owned and operated" is your automatic reach for the plastic buzz word, then…(cue cash register drawer). Yeah, it's pretty over. You WILL go order this product.

Gold Luxury Skin Cream in Geranium Rose from Georgia by Jodie Patterson = seriously everything.

Gold Luxury Skin Cream by Georgia retails for $27 and is available here. Want to win a jar? Follow us on Twitter @EBONYmag and participate in our weekly #thatthing giveaway at 2pm EST on Wednesday, March 20th!

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