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The Guy’s Guide to GROOMING LIKE A PRO

The Guy’s Guide to GROOMING LIKE A PRO

1 EXFOLIATE Jack Black Deep Dive Glycolic Facial Cleanser ($20 for 5 oz.; Bloomingdale’s) Use this scrub a few times a week to get rid of dead skin on your face. Enriched with nourishing ingredients like vitamin E, aloe vera and oatmeal, this one also can be used as a weekly mask.

2 CLEANSE WITH CARE Malin+Goetz Bergamot Body Wash ($18 for 8oz.; Try a body wash infused with natural ingredients that leave skin supple and smooth. Bonus: Bergamot, lemon and orange extracts will leave you smelling almost as good as you look.

3 SOOTHE AFTER SHAVING Solo Noir Brave 2-in-1 Aftershave & Toner ($13 for 4 oz.; Think about it: Rubbing a metal blade across your face every day is bound to do some damage over the years. This essential find works double time to fight post-shave breakouts and ingrown hairs by calming the skin with tea tree oil and black willow bark.

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