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TREADMILL APPROVED: Workout Styles For Every Woman

Attempting to maintain your perfectly polished coif during a workout session can be equated to rocket science. However, there are several styles that actually work with your frenzied, sweaty pace on the treadmill. Here's our top styles!

NATURAL POMPADOUR: Contrary to popular belief, simply being natural does not afford you the opportunity to work out without hair worry. A soggy, drawn-up fingerstyle is just as horrifying as a woman’s formerly relaxed roots kinking their way back to the motherland.  A pompadour keeps curls away from the nape of your neck, keeps heat out and can even be worked with a cute head band that keeps edges from an inevitable frizzy oblivion.

SLEEK BRAID: You may not want to admit that you watch ‘Love & Hip Hop,’ but you can actually learn a little something from Olivia’s go-to style of choice. A sleek braided pony is a great style to keep hair straight and smooth. Use a thick pomade to smooth edges before braiding, and wrap with a silk scarf to preserve.

BIG WAVY LOCKS: Rihanna’s latest ‘do, a crown full of unkempt waves, works well with hot yoga, spin class or any other scorching, exercise venture. Prep for class by two-strand twisting your natural roots with your wavy locks. Twist hair into one big pony near the ends and wrap into a bun. Cover with a scarf. Immediately following class, blow dry tresses at the root until dry and unravel just before leaving.

TIGHT WRAP:  Of course you know the cardinal rule of maintaining your flatiron is to tightly wrap tresses and cover with a scarf, but do you ruin your style by removing it too soon? Following your workout, keep your scarf on and blowdry around your head until your hair is completely dry. The wrap formation (and tightness) should force tresses to dry straight. —Kimberly Walker

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