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Tyra Banks Debuts Beauty Line (And It’s Really, Really Good)

Tyra Banks Beauty

From the moment she debuted the TV obsession America’s Next Top Model, fans and model wannabes alike have always asked themselves one question when it came to Tyra Banks: What on earth will she do next?!

From attending Harvard Business School to becoming a multi-media and model mogul, Banks has now launched her newest brilliant venture, Tyra Beauty. The beauty line is created for the woman on-the-go, who doesn’t have time to put on her face every morning, but still yearns to look fierce. Using her Ty-Glide technology, the products all come in dome shaped packaging, making it easy to apply with just your fingers! The line includes blushes, highlighters, a mascara, a few lipstick and glosses, contouring sticks and shadows.

To get your hands on the new line, visit and let us know how much you love Tyra Beauty.

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