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Tyra Fires ANTM Judges

Tyra Banks has been sending young model hopefuls home since the inception of her hit reality series "America's Next Top Model" in 2003. Yet, this time the tables have turned, and Banks has decided to send Nigel Baker, Jay Manuel, and Miss J. Alexander packing by firing the three judges who have been there from the show's start. Apparently, the group received word that their contracts would not be renewed for next season. The word is that Banks has decided to do some spring cleaning to the entire concept of the show, including an overhaul of the judges, which might now included social media mavens and fashion bloggers like Bryan Boy, and the replacing of Vogue editor-at-large Andre Leon Talley with fashion PR guru Kelly Cutrone. According to an insider, the departures were a “production decision” and that there are “major changes planned for [season] 19.”

Barker has told US Weekly that the news "wasn't a shock," saying that he had been told that something like this might happen due to the lower ratings that show had been getting of late. He even admitted that he personally had been on the chopping block a few times before but had lasted all 18 cycles thus far, a blessing that also held him back from pursuing other projects. All of the men should be able to land on their feet in no time at all given that they've been staples on our television sets for almost a decade now. It's safe to say that 'ANTM' will definitely not be the same without the iconic strut of Miss J, the eye candy that is Nigel, or the sassy side comments on shoots with Jay, but seeing as the show will be embarking on its 19th season soon enough, perhaps a bit of sprucing up is in order to remind viewers what they fell in love with in the first place. 

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