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Yes, Real Men Rock Florals

The New Vintage: Real Men Rock Florals

Some may say floral prints are for strictly for the ladies, but we beg to differ: the Spring and Fall 2013 couture runways of Dries Van Noten and Dolce & Gabbana both offered this look for men. And this isn’t the first time this trend has been in bloom. During the 1960s, guitar god, songwriter and style icon Jimi Hendrix was often spotted in this bohemian print.

Lately, this look has had an uptick, as it’s been seen on MCs like A$AP Rocky and Wale as well as athletes such as Dwayne Wade, Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant. So go ahead and live on the proverbial fashion edge; be bold and avant-garde. Click through to find the best floral pieces for you!

—Victoria Dieudonne

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