Black Panther’s February release changed the game in a multitude of ways. Not only is it the highest-grossing superhero movie in North America, it became the first movie shown in Saudi Arabia in 35 years and is the most-tweeted-about movie ever.

Now, it appears the popularity of the Marvel flick has sparked new interest in a theme park pioneered by a group of Africans and African-Americans known as The Heritage Group. The organization funded a business plan and conceptual designs for the “Heritage City – The African Kingdoms and Empires Theme Park” project in 2004, with potential developers from Africa, Europe, North America and even China now showing interest in making the park a reality, according to BlackNews.

The theme park has been designed to include rides and attractions that feature ancient African kingdoms and empires, such as Songhai-Mali, Benin, Ghana, Kush and Egypt. It will also promote the scientific and astronomical discoveries of African nations, as well as its advanced architectural wonders, such as the ancient Pyramids. There will also be a focus on the “splendor, wealth and intellectual sophistication,” of African royals.

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