Death Row Records co-founder Suge Knight could get up to 28 years in prison after pleading no contest Thursday to voluntary manslaughter, according to The New York Times.

The charges stem from the January 2015 hit-and-run death of Terry Carter during the filming of the NWA biopic, Straight Outta ComptonIt is reported that the one-time rap mogul had issues with the way he was depicted in the movie and confronted two men on the set.

In a video of the incident, Knight drove up to a restaurant near the filming location. There, he is approached by Cle “Bone” Sloan, a security guard for the movie. The pair had an exchange before the car jerks into reverse, sending Sloan to the ground. Knight then proceeded to drive the car forward and over Sloan’s body before hitting and mortally wounding Carter.

According to the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office, Knight’s no-contest plea holds the same weight as a guilty plea. Since he is on his third strike based on previous convictions, his 11-year sentence will be doubled for the manslaughter count. Knight received another six years because his Ford F-150 truck was seen as a deadly weapon.

In 1996, he received nine years after violating probation on an assault charge. Five years later, Knight was granted an early release but was sent back to prison in 2003 for assaulting a parking attendant.

Knight is scheduled for sentencing on Oct. 4.