A defense lawyer for Marion “Suge” Knight is back on the rap mogul’s murder case Thursday, just one week after his arrest on suspicion of being an accessory after murder, Billboard reports.

When asked if he wanted a lawyer free of potential conflicts of interest, Knight waived his right to do so in order for Thaddeus Culpepper to rejoin his legal team.

The 52-year-old co-founder of Death Row Records pleaded not guilty in LA Superior Court to charges of murder and attempted murder after he ran over two men outside a Compton Burger joint in January 2015.

Culpepper, along with another former lawyer on Knight’s team, Matthew Fletcher, were arrested last week. No charges have been filed against them in court. Culpepper claims he is innocent, and doesn’t expect charges to be filed.

“What they were charging me with is impossible,” Culpepper said outside court. “I’m charged with defending my client as to this murder and they’re charging me with accessory to murder after the fact based on a false confidential informant sham kind of program.”