A White suited man was seen on video dragging an unconscious man out of a train in Long Beach, California last week in an incident that Metro investigators call “very disturbing,” KTLA 5 reports.

In a graphic video posted on YouTube on Wednesday, the suited man drags the man out of the train, covers up his exposed groin area, throws the man’s belongings on to the train platform and gets back on the train.

The person recording the video, BillionGODsun, points his camera at the unidentified White man claiming that the other man had a seizure.

“There’s a lot of people on this train who want to get home,” the man says in the video. “Nobody wants to get involved…If that had happened to me, I’d want someone to take me off.”

Train passengers reportedly prevented the train from moving from the platform by opening the doors, Godsun told KTLA.

The suited gentleman claims that he asked for other passengers to help when an unseen passenger says that was a lie and that the only reason he removed him was so the train can leave.

Someone on the platform tried to wake the unresponsive man before the suited passenger leaves the train to try to help.

“Don’t try and act like you give a f**k now, because you’re the one who dragged him out here,” Godsun tells him. The suited man tells him that he is trying to do the “responsible” thing since the train wasn’t moving.

He also claimed that he thought the unconscious man was drunk.

No information on the condition of the unresponsive man was revealed, but Long Beach police officials tell KTLA that everyone in the video has been identified.

The Los Angeles Country District’s Office is reviewing the video to see if a crime was committed.

“This person in the suit was just thinking of himself and disposed of him like his life meant nothing,” Godsun told KTLA.

Check out KTLA’s report below.