Summertime is now here, which means summer dresses, pedicured feet, fresh cuts and clean cars will be on full display. Three months of summer is enough to thaw out any relationship that has been on freeze during the winter months, and a change in weather should bring a shift in how couples’ relate to each other romantically.  If the winter has dampened your sex life, it’s time to spice things up by considering these 4 techniques.

1. Go shopping for new sex accessories.

A long winter may have waned on your collection of sexy accessories including lubes, candles, vibrators and condoms.  But if you’ve been single for quite some time, your little black box may be in need of a little dusting off and updating altogether. Replacing outdated lubricants, condoms and toys that have been damaged or worn is vital for maintaining your sexual health. With the summer comes new, hot releases from adult brands such as Trojan and Astroglide, and you can check out what new and exciting items they have to offer by taking a trip to your local drug store.  

Believe it or not, vibrators can now be found sitting on the shelves right in between the lubricants and condoms. In every “family planning” aisle, there are now products intended to increase pleasure for both sexes during love making sessions.  If going to an adult shop together is something that you still have reservations about, take a walk together to your nearest Walgreens, Rite Aid, CVS or visit your local Target or Walmart and browse the Family Planning aisle together.  Look at what new lubricants are on the market and what they promise to do for your pleasure.  Read how the vibrators that are in stock work.  Talk about what you see in this aisle and decide on two to three items you would like to take home to try.  The conversation could begin to shift into what you want to do with these items when you get home, thus sparking an evening of love making like never before. Consider this an adult field trip to update your sexual treasures.

2. Enjoy a staycation.

After spending weeks looking at the same four walls that may have left you uninspired in your sexual relationship, a staycation is well overdue. Take time out of your day to browse through a number of hotels within your budget in a part of your city that you’ve never explored or a neighboring city that you’ve always wanted to visit.  The goal here is to go into a location that feels foreign to give you a new experience that will create memories for you to draw from when your erotic expressions begin to take a slump again.  Choose a hotel that has amenities for you to enjoy as a couple such as couple’s massage, a pool, free breakfast or dinner specials for two.  Some hotels even have romance packages that come with champagne, chocolates and rose petals.  Set the kids up with a proper babysitter if you have children to tend to, make a list of erotic activities you both would like to try on your staycation. You will find that exploring the area around your hotel destination can also help with building intimacy and closeness in having a new experience for the first time. Sometimes all your sex life needs is a new location to help you feel inspired.

3. Plan a role play date night.

A date night can be a way to spice things up especially when you have a sexy night cap in mind. However, instead of planning a typical date, use this time to plan a night that involves the both of you taking on the persona of different people.  Get into role playing and pretend this is the first time you will be seeing each other.  Dress to match your new personas, take on a new career and behave in your persona’s personality. This activity is good for couples to get out of their heads and become more playful with their romantic lives.  

The date should take place at a location that is new for the both of you, and you must stay in character all night.  You both can really play up your inner freak and treat this like a “hook up” on the first night.  Let your imagination run wild and have fun with the experience.

4. Do it in public.

Having sex in a public place can add a level of excitement in your sex life.The thrill of possibly being caught is a given, but the connection to nature is even more rewarding.  Give your sex life a new source of energy by having a make out session under the stars.  Go back into your adolescence to remember how you expressed your attraction to your partner when your puppy love was strong.  

Public displays of affection would make others feel uncomfortable, but was a turn on during your youth because it showed you were in love and you weren’t afraid to show it.  Choose a place that is secluded like a park, a beach, quiet places along the lakefront or even a parking lot with a dope view of the stars above.  Once you’ve selected your location, ditch your electronics, lay together and connect intimately before exploring each other’s bodies.  Begin with light touching while focusing on breathing slowly and deeply, and then move into kissing and passionately grinding until you’re in full make out mode.  Whether you decide to take the session beyond second base in public is up to you, but go as far as you need to bring that old thing back.