Welcome to summer. Mosquitoes are attacking your legs, the sun is melting your makeup,

your hair is drying out and you are trying to shed those extra pounds you never lost. We

turned to A-list stylists for solutions to emergency warm-weather situations.


1 Bling it out

“A cost-effective way to bling out arms and legs without the work is to spritz your body with

aerosol olive oil hair spray,” reveals Lucky Smyler. “It takes seconds, the result is instant

shine, and the hydration lasts all day.”

2 Mosquito makeover

“If clear Caladryl lotion isn’t on hand, [treat bites by] crushing an aspirin and mixing it with

aloe vera to create a paste,” advises Oslyn Holder. Dab with a Q-tip. This should reduce

swelling and allow you to apply concealer. “A yellow-based concealer will cancel out the

redness,” adds Tia Dantzler, global creative director for Fashion Fair Cosmetics. Apply in a

patting motion to pack on color. Then top with foundation, followed by a dusting of powder

to set. We love Fashion Fair’s Pressed Powder ($22; fashionfair.com).

3 Get your glow on

“For an all-over glow, mix your favorite lotion with Gleam by Melanie Mills Body Radiance

[($40 for 3.5 oz.; gleambymelaniemills.com)]. It’s the same product they use on Dancing

with the Stars to keep the contestants looking fab.”—Merrell Hollis, Black Opal artistic

director and head of the makeup department for The Wendy Williams Show.

4 Ash invasion

“Use an SPF with clear zinc to avoid the grayish-purple hue that most SPFs give darker skin

tones. Try CeraVe SPF50 with Invisible Zinc [($14.99; mass retailers)].” —Holder

Read more in the June 2014 issue of EBONY Magazine.