During a segment of The View about experiencing harassment for being Black, co-host Sunny Hostin shared the story of being called the N-word by a group of children on July Fourth.

Recently there has been plenty of stories about Black people having the cops called on them when they are doing everyday things including going for a swim, selling water, barbecuing, or sleeping in the common area of their dorm. Hostin revealed that having some level of fame does not stop brushes with racism in America.

“You also cannot play charades while Black on July Fourth,” Hostin said. She went on to reveal the racial history of the Azurest enclave of Sag Harbor in Long Island, New York. “My family had rented this house in a predominantly African-American community. It has real history it was the only place Blacks were allowed to buy beachfront property in the country.”

Hostin said a group of about 20 kids ran in front of the home and called them the racial epithet. She also said they yelled, “This is America. We are patriots. This is our holiday.”

Watch the video below.