Harvard law grad, WWE superstar, soon-to-be husband and former reality-TV star David Otunga wears many a hat. Fatherhood has been a perfect fit from the start. “When Jennifer [Hudson] first told me we were pregnant, I was in between bites of a sandwich, so I didn’t get to finish lunch! I just remember being caught off guard but really thrilled and ready. We spent the rest of the day celebrating. It’s such a nice memory.”

And don’t let the rough- and-tumble wrestler fool you; he was all smiles when discussing his son. “Little David is potty training himself. He’s only 2, and he’ll tell you when he has to use the potty. He takes his clothes off and sits by himself, then comes back to tell us he’s done. UNBELIEVEABLE,” gushes the proud papa. David is also admittedly a sensitive parent. “Even though I am a big, strong guy, I’m very gentle with my son. If I ever have to discipline him, I always end up hugging him right after to make sure he’s OK.”

But don’t get it twisted; Mr. Otunga is forever the protector of his fianceé and son, especially with respect to privacy.  “Jennifer and I try to keep things as normal as possible. I’m very big on having a [regular] family life. We always go out,  just the three of us, no security, and I’m there to make sure things are in order. If we worry about people stopping us and bothering us, it takes away from having fun. I’m pretty good at ensuring we can have family days while keeping it low-key.” Life in the spotlight might not be easiest for the Otunga/Hudson family, but at least the elder David has provided strong shoulders for his son to stand on. 

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