Hurricane Ida resulted in immense devastation to New Orleans and surrounding areas. Millions of homes and businesses are still without power, and according to Reuters, 600,000 are without water. Furthermore, many are without homes after the category 4 hurricane destroyed their residences and devastated the surrounding areas. If you'd like to extend a helping to those whose lives have been upended by this natural disaster, consider donating to one of the Louisiana-based organizations listed below:

Lower Nine

Lower Nine is a nonprofit that has been aiding in the long-term rebuilding of the lower ninth ward of New Orleans since Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Rita ravaged the city in 2005. Click here to donate to the Hurricane Ida Relief and Recovery Fund.

Feed the Second Line

Feed the Second Line is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting the "culture bearers" of New Orleans by providing groceries, essentials, creating job opportunities, and offering other general assistance. In the wake of Hurricane Ida, they are working to secure and repair homes belonging to creators in New Orleans. You can support their efforts by clicking here.

Culture Aid NOLA

Culture AID NOLA is a nonprofit organization that provides fresh food distribution to members of the New Orleans community. You can donate to their Hurricane Ida Response Fund by clicking here.

Greater New Orleans Foundation

The Greater New Orleans Foundation, a philanthropic organization, has implemented a Hurricane Ida Disaster Response and Restoration Fund. All donations will be used towards "immediate and urgent" recovery efforts. Click here to support.

House of Tulip

House of Tulip is an organization with a mission to build an "inheritance" for transgender and non-gender-conforming (TNGC) individuals in Louisiana. They provide housing, job training, access to healthcare, and housing, among other things to TNGC people. In response to Ida, the organization established the Hurricane Ida Rapid Response Relief Fund. To donate, click here.