The days of the “American dream” …well our perception of it are long gone. According to recent research, the phrase “making it” means different things to different people.

You’re probably thinking, “well duh!”

But honestly back in the day things were more well …uniform.

The survey appropriately titled, “Making It” was conducted by Thermosoft. The U.S. manufacturer surveyed 2,000 people in an effort to gauge their perceptions of the term.

“‘Making it'” in America means you’ve reached a level of success, comfort and security that you find wholly satisfying,” the survey states. “It means you’ve arrived. It’s time to relax and enjoy! While the components that comprise a ‘made it’ life can vary dramatically from person to person, in more ways than you might expect, people agree on what it means to “make it” in America!”

While money is still one of defining aspects of success (42 percent said they wanted to earn more and enjoy the privileges it affords), significant work achievements and characteristics count more as “making it.” People also desire shorter commute times (yes, the amount of time it takes to travel to work counts as “making it” now too). Oh, and more vacation time. 36 percent of respondents have already “made it” in terms of vacation time, while 44 percent have “made it” with the number of hours worked each week.

Getting married is also a symbol of “making it,” while 21 percent of respondents said living single is ideal.

Hmmm. Interesting. So no more white picket fence and 2.5 kids huh? Surprise Surprise.

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