A new survey may shed some light on why some people cheat.

According to a press release sent by Ashley Madison, data revealed that infidelity is a motivator for higher levels of fitness.

The married dating website (yeah…) surveyed 1,112 members between Jan. 3 and Jan.4 2018. Previously, the website conducted a similar survey that in Oct. 2017 that consisted of 1,491 members.

It found that nearly half (41%) of respondents exercised 2-5 times per week and 80 percent consider themselves to have an average level of physical fitness. And honestly, the “new year, new me” slogan isn’t their motivation.

70 percent of those surveyed admitted to their extramarital relationships serving as a motivator for fitness. 71 percent of respondents consider their extramarital partner to be fit, or they intentionally seek out a partner that prioritizes fitness.

Researchers further found that 52 percent of respondents say they don’t consider their spouse to be fit and 58 percent said they wish their spouse exercised more often.