It would be an understatement to say President Trump has a lot of critics. But one woman who definitely has the knowledge and experience to back up what she’s saying about the current administration is Susan Rice.

Rice was the national security adviser to former President Obama, and before working in the White House, she was the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations.

Speaking at the Center for American Progress 2017 Ideas Conference in Washington, D.C. on Tuesday, Rice shared her thoughts with the audience on how the current President is handling national security.

“Since I left the White House, I’ve become deeply concerned that the United States is squandering one of our greatest strategic assets—America’s leadership of the world. I’m here to argue for a better strategy—a progressive strategy—that will renew our global leadership,” she said.

Rice went on to say, “It seems that the current administration looks at the world and sees only threats. Immigrants. Refugees. Muslims. Mexicans. Even trade. It’s ‘America first’—and the rest of the world last.”

Even though she didn’t address President Trump by name, Rice did express her disapproval of this administration’s dismissal of NATO as well as its “excusing of Russia’s outrageous behavior.”

While speaking, Rice also called for greater cooperation across borders and investment in diplomacy. She also advocated for a military that is “smartly funded, wisely deployed, and ready to deal with any threat at a moment’s notice” and is used “judiciously.”

Rice concluded, saying, “When Americans of every race, religion, and class stand together for the rights of all—for women as well as men…for our immigrant heritage…for LGBT citizens…for the belief that we are all equally God’s children…when we recall that we all love this country deeply…when we remember what America truly means, then, and only then, will we be strong at home and a still stronger leader in this complex world. The choice is ours. We can either squander our greatness or build a common future based on respect for the dignity and value of every American and all mankind.”