The concept of sustainability is becoming increasingly prevalent and important to incorporate into all aspects of life. However, it requires a great deal of ingenuity and imagination in order to do so.

Early-stage startup platform BLANK is showing just how creative sustainability can be through its first ever immersive event called Watching Our Waste in Los Angeles. This experiential event will showcase environmentally-focused fashion, regenerative art and fine dining that are low-waste friendly. Attendees will also gain insight into how the platform transforms ingredients and materials that are typically discardable into masterpieces with longevity.

BLANK focuses on showing connections between climate innovation and creative expression through cultural experiences centered around carbon literacy. Through this belief, they are encouraging society to become more conscious of their carbon footprint in order to proactively combat climate injustice and better the state of our planet.

During Watching Our Waste, BLANK will track the event’s carbon footprint in an integrated multimedia format as a case study on sustainability and to show how being carbon consciousness is possible. The hope is that this example will provide an efficient blueprint for events of the highest caliber across varying industries.

Also during the event, Zimbabwean contemporary visual artist Moffat Takadiwa will display his artwork, which incorporates objects typically seen at a landfill. Additionally, eco-conscious and sustainable partners, such as streetwear brand Uprisers, woman-owned design company Rewilder and Chef Nate Romo, will also be highlighted.

BLANK founder Brittney McDonald's strategy is designed to "strengthen the longevity and relevance of sustainability goals through the organization’s one-of-a-kind exhibitions." Prior to this endeavor, McDonald has been dedicated to building initiatives and projects with significant impact at a systemic level through innovation and sparking a shift in mindset.

“I find that people in every industry are trying to figure out how they can all be more sustainable or conscious of their impact, but are they cross-pollinating their thoughts and ideas to collectively achieve the same goal? Are their actions truly making an impact,” says McDonald. “BLANK is at the intersection of a variety of categories for solutions, and all of them are obtainable to allow all of us to live more sustainably both at a corporate and a consumer level.”

The exhibition opens Saturday, June 4, at 6 PM at REVERY, 1700 Naud St., Unit C in Los Angeles.