Girl groups haven't really been bumping the airwaves since the demise of Destiny's Child. Yet, two decades ago those all-female music acts certainly ran the show, ruling the 90's charts with an unstoppable reign, pitch-perfect melodies, infectious beats, and universal lyrics for the ladies. Undoubtedly one of the best girl groups of all time, SWV has returned to revive some of the harmonious sounds that have been lacking from this musical generation. Kicking off their comeback with a new video for their 2011 track entitled "Co-Sign," these Sisters With Voices easily show listeners that they've still got it as they croon about co-signing the special men in their lives. Decked in all white and smiles galore, Coko, Taj and Lelee sound just as fresh and young as they did when they first arrived on the scene in 1992. 

Having signed a record deal with E1 Entertainment and Mass Appeal Entertainment in 2011, SWV has their fourth studio album "I Missed Us" slated for release this April. Time and age seems to have had no effect whatsoever on these three talented woman. Given the easy, breezy, effortless sound of this jam, "Co-Sign" may very well spark a retrospective 90's movement on the radio and music at large. Will "Co-Sign" prove to be a comeback hit for SWV? Does the group and their 90's sound have a place in today's industry?