Last night, VH1’s Hip Hop Honors recognized “game changers” from arguably hip hop’s greatest, decade, the 1990’s.

Artists like Missy Elliott, Fat Joe, Remy Ma, Trina, Trick Daddy and more all graced the stage with one diva, Mariah Carey, being honored for her epic rap collaborations.

Still, not everyone was into the execution, believing the program overlooked key players from that era.

SWV’s Lelee took to Facebook during the ceremony to call out the network for excluding certain artists based on popularity and connections rather than talent and actual impact.

“Soooooo, VH1 is doing a show on game changers of the ‘90s, but not invite most of the artists that changed the game?,” Lelee wrote. “Where they do that at? I’m so sick of the d**k riding, popularity contest that flatters this new industry.”

She soon took the message over to Instagram, where she tagged groupmates Coko and Taj, the former agreeing with a “Say that sh*t, sis!”

TLC member T-Boz also cosigned, dropping the comment, “I feel you.”

Many people agreed with Lelee’s take, believing even if SWV or TLC didn’t receive individual recognition, they were impactful enough to deserve a seat in the building.

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Other’s felt the industry vets shouldn’t have taken offense since the show is geared more towards hip hop than R&B. Certainly, if an R&B Honors were to exist, both groups would’ve undoubtedly been invited and recognized.

Do you believe Lelee has a point? Sound off below.