The Gap has garnered a few new faces for their recent campaign. In a new commercial, SZA and Metro Boomin can be seen in the clothing brand’s “Logo Remix” campaign, which celebrates Gap’s 50-year history by remixing Gap logos from past decades.

“Definitely don’t even know how I low-key got gifted the opportunity to be involved with them, just because they’re super iconic and only have worked with iconic people,” SZA told Mic.

“It ended up being something really beautiful and really cool and really nostalgic and positive,” SZA said. “It’s so funny how this whole iconoclast of different people and different ideas came together. It’s Gap! It’s weird. It’s like, anything is possible. I wondered if Stevie Nicks was going to just pop out of nowhere. Gap is like the fashion Disney. It’s like Got Milk in that it’s mysteriously always messaging the cool stuff.”

Check out the clip below.