T.I., the Atlanta-based rapper, actor and entrepreneur, and his Grand Hustle co-founder, Jason Geter, are bringing their hip-hop savvy to the tech world. Tired of watching others profit from the Black community, the duo launched Tech Cypha, a syndicated investment vehicle that focuses on early-growth and late-stage start-ups that speak to African-American interests.

“It’s important for us to create a self-sustaining ecosystem to ensure our dollars, the Black dollar—which is the strongest consumer base in the country—circulates and services the [multiple interests] of our community,” says T.I. Their first investment is in Culture Genesis, an LA-based digital studio targeting a multicultural urban audience.

Culture Genesis plans to use the funding to market and promote TriviaMob, its recently launched live game show. In addition, it will develop new interactive app experiences.

Watch above as T.I. discusses with EBONY’s Ashley Jamison why it’s important to reinvest our hard-earned dollars back into the African-American community, and why he thinks tech-savvy entrepreneurs, such as Soulja Boy, might be way ahead of the curve.