John Legere, chief executive officer (CEO) of T-Mobile USA, released a statement Wednesday supporting Washington D.C. natives after complaints from new residents led to a Metro PCS store, known for playing go-go music, was ordered to stop playing music.

According to a petition created by Ronald Moten, the record store and cellphone carrier on Georgia and Florida Avenue (NW) has played "D.C.'s indigenous go-go music since the late 1990's."

Protests ensued after residents, many of whom live in newly constructed condominiums, issued noise complaints and pressured the city of D.C. and the store's owner to stop playing the music.

D.C. residents and go-go supporters flocked to the store where they stressed the importance of the store and its dedication to highlighting D.C. artists.

Emcee and proud D.C. native Wale joined in on a protest on Tuesday night.

Legere said "he looked into this issue myself and the music should NOT stop in D.C.!" According to the CEO, "T-Mobile and Metro PCS are "proud to be apart of the Shaw community - the music will go on and our dealer will work with the neighbors to compromise volume."

Along with a petition, the movement has spawned the social media hashtag #DontMuteDC, which landed the support of Mayor Muriel Bowser.

As news of Legere's statement was announced, residents flocked to the store dancing, listening to go-go music. Cars driving by even honked their horns in support.