Ta-Nehisi Coates has stirred a bit of controversy with his argument for why President Donald Trump “might be a white supremacist,” Huffington Post reports.

During an appearance on MSNBC’s “All In with Chris Hayes” on Friday, Coates discussed his latest article, “Donald Trump Is the First White President.”

“With George Bush’s policies, I could make an argument for how they affect black people in a negative way. You know what I mean? But I wouldn’t argue that he’s a white supremacist. I wouldn’t argue that Mitt Romney is a white supremacist,” Coates said in reference to his article that was recently published for The Atlantic.

As for Trump”there’s quite a bit of evidence to back up the charge,” he said.

“I think if you own a business that attempts to keep black people from renting from you,” Coates explained, “if you are reported to say that you don’t want black people counting your money; if you say — and not even reported, just come out and say — that someone can’t judge your case because they are Mexican; if your response to the first black president is that they weren’t born in this country, despite all proof; if you say they weren’t smart enough to go to Harvard Law School, and demand to see their grades; if that’s the essence of your entire political identity you might be a white supremacist, it’s just possible.”

Watch Coates share his thoughts in the video below.