Yes, every person has a story. Storytelling, now, that’s an art form--one born in absorbing your surroundings, colorful transparency, and the deliverance of soul.

Tabitha Brown, winner of the first Social Media Personality 2021 NAACP award, nourishes America daily with her brand of soul food in the form of affirming words, vegan creations, a cool mother’s wit and serious, striking beauty.  Here, she talks about her Sleep Stories, bedtime stories for adults and children, on the mental wellness app Calm, and how she is able to tap into the hearts of her followers and fans by being an expert at one specific thing, being Tabitha.

On growing up in North Carolina:

It’s called Riverbend—there was a pond and a bunch of woods; that was the playground for me and my friends. I think that is where storytelling became a thing for me. We went to church and Sunday school.  I grew up in the church with my granny and my great granddaddy. Even if my mama and daddy weren’t ready yet they would drop us off. It was the best. I learned peace in the country. How amazing it is to be at one with nature. There was a story in everything. Every time I need a reset, I go home.

On Calm x Tabitha Brown:

The collaboration happened because fans were tweeting and tagging Calm saying please give this woman a story on the app. It became a trending thing. Then people were like, we’re going to start a petition! I  listened to Matthew McConaughey’s Sleep Stories, I love Matthew McConaughey. I thought that would be cool to do but in my mind I’m thinking, they ain’t gon’ have me on there! But that’s how it happened. The people, honey! The people asked for it and Calm was like ‘Got to give the people, give the people what they want.” (O’jays voice)

On her sleep story, Slowing Down:

I did get to co-write the story. The story is rooted in North Carolina, in a forrest but also rooted in love and kindness; taking your time and slowing down. Reminiscent of how I do my content on line, I’m always very mindful that people are always going through something even in good times, even in bad times, even if nothing’s really going on—I always wanted to put that type on content out.  That’s how the storyline is, finding the messages even in the fruits and the vegetables and the things we’re going to prepare, there’s a story to be told. So we’re going to take a walk through the forrest…also, with some food. 

On how she tapped into the Tabitha within:

Freedom. I realized for a long time I was not free. I was living for other people. I realized how disrespectful I was to God. That was me saying, what you created wasn’t enough. The moment I got it, I was like, I was created just as I am, so I have to be enough. That also means, I’m free, to be me. When I got to that place, I sat in it. I sit in it every day. Sometimes when I get to moving too fast, I have to slow down and remember, naw Tab, you’re enough just as you are. You ain’t got to do nothin’ extra, just be you. I think being you is  the power. We all have that. When we tap into that, that means we’ve tapped into our complete freedom. When you move in that, honey, can’t nothing stop you.

Like so, like that.