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Aaron McGruder Creates New 'Boondocks' Strips for Black History Month

Aaron McGruder Creates New ‘Boondocks’ Strips for Black History Month

The new comic strips address #MuteRKelly, President Donald Trump and MSNBC.

For The Win! Will Packer & Aaron McGruder’s ‘Black America’ Is Alt-History Reparations Style

Amazon’s ‘Black America’ with Will Packer producing and Aaron McGruder writing is the only alt-history series that we want to see.

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‘Black Jesus’ Comes to Save Disappointed ‘Boondocks’ Fans[REVIEW]

After working on The Boondocks for 18 years, Aaron McGruder expressed his overarching modus operandi…

Easily Shocked One Million Moms Upset Over Adult Swim's Black Jesus

Conservative Group “One Million Moms” Upset by Black Jesus

Homophobic, censorious advocacy group and righteous bunch of trolls One Million Moms is back with…

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Will Aaron McGruder Introduce Audiences to the ‘Real’ Jesus?

On a classic episode of Good Times, Michael Evans proudly showed off brother J.J.’s painting…

‘Boondocks” Aaron McGruder Inks First-Look Deal With Adult Swim

Aaron McGruder Signs Deal with Adult Swim

Writer-cartoonist Aaron McGruder has signed a first-look development deal with Adult Swim, the network announced…

[THE WEEKLY READ] Is the New ‘Boondocks’ Really So Different?

I was introduced to The Boondocks by way of a constant comparison. My mother started…

Boondocks Is Back. Aaron McGruder Is Not. Don’t Freak Out. Yet.

The Boondocks Premiere, Reviewed

Slate's Aisha Harris reviews the season premiere of The Boondocks. Like McGruder’s takedowns of R.…

Aaron McGruder Bids Boondocks Farewell

Aaron McGruder Says Goodbye to The Boondocks

Aaron McGruder uses Facebook to speak directly to fans of The Boondocks about his departure.  It's…

Aaron McGruder’s Absence From Final Season of ‘The Boondocks’ Still a Mystery

The Mystery Behind Aaron McGruder’s Absence

How will McGruder's absence affect the hit comedy? The fourth and final season of Adult…