african american diet

Body Image

Eat What You Love—And Lose Weight!

It almost sounds too good to be true, but the possibility of chowing down on your favorite meal while keeping unwanted pounds off your physique is real. Robert Ferguson, CEO of Diet Free Life, a lifestyle-friendly program that shows people how to eat real food, lose weight and live a diet-free life, believes portion control,

Culture & Black Life

Bryant Terry:The ‘Inspired’ Chef Urges Black Folks to Eat (and Live) Better

Bryant Terry’s Vegan Soul Kitchen garnered critical acclaim for the chef’s ability to create traditional Southern comfort foods with healthier, meatless ingredients. Earlier this year, the activist/author/chef returned with The Inspired Vegan, one of the most creative cookbooks ever published. The book, which celebrates Terry’s 10th anniversary as an advocate for food justice and a purveyor

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