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Colin Kaepernick
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Colin Kaepernick Given Top Amnesty International Award

Colin Kaepernick was awarded by Amnesty International for his continued work opposing racial injustice, multiple outlets reports. Kaepernick was in Amsterdam on Saturday to receive the 2018 Ambassador of Conscience. It is the organizations highest human rights award. NPR’s Teri Schultz reports that when the former San Francisco 49er accepted the award, he said he

In Rio, an Unspoken Fight Against Police Violence

Ana Paula Oliveira says her son, Jonatha de Oliveira Silva, was just like any 19-year-old. “Oh he was a ladies man, he was so charming. The girls would always slip notes under our door asking if Jonatha would be their boyfriend,” she remembers, with a smile on her face. “Whenever he would get into trouble

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From Ferguson to Selma

I'm riding with folks from St. Louis on a nine hour trip to Selma. A fellow activist, Tiffany, asks the group, "When did you realize you were Black?" I thought about that question and imagined how different this ride would have been in 1965. The fear of being pulled over by a police officer on a back road

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Amnesty International:Stop Gun Violence Now

This past week, Amnesty International USA observed the Global Week of Action Against Gun Violence, along with our fellow NGOs in the International Action Network on Small Arms. The majority of human rights abuses documented by Amnesty International are linked to guns. We’ve long recognized that their widespread availability creates a climate of fear and intensifies violence – involving countless

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Will Change in Leadership Bring Progress on Human Rights in Ethiopia?

Political opponents are arrested. Journalists have been imprisoned. “Tens of thousands of people” have been “forcibly evicted” for development projects. Welcome to the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia. Africa’s second largest nation boasts some 80 million people… and human rights have taken a back seat during the 21-year rule of Prime Minister Meles Zenawi. The

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Popular Somali Comedian Killed

A popular Somali comedian and playwright who mocked Islamist militants for brainwashing children and killing civilians has been shot dead. 43-year-old TV and radio comedian Abdi Jeylani Malaq was killed Tuesday by two young men near his Mogadishu home. His colleague, Abdi Muridi Dhere, said Malaq's death is heartbreaking. He said the killing has sent

Lupe Fiasco
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[INTERVIEW] Lupe Fiasco on Freedom

Last week, Aung San Suu Kyi, the pro democracy leader of Myanmar (formerly Burma) was feted at The Electric Burma Concert in Dublin, Ireland. On the eve of her 67th birthday, Bono presented Suu Kyi with the Amnesty International Ambassador of Consciousness Award. Just hours before, Suu Kyi was in Norway to receive her Nobel

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Ethnic Motivated Violence Continues in Libya

In the midst of their political restructuring, Libya was found to be discriminatory to people from surrounding African countries and their own darker-skinned community. Amnesty International discovered that around half of the detainees held in detention centers were either from Mali, Nigeria, Chad, or Sudan or were dark-skinned Libyans. Since dictator Muammar Qaddafi was ousted,

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Infant Mortality Rates High Among Black Women

According to an Amnesty International report, two maternal deaths occur every day for African-American women. The British-based human rights organization found that a leading cause to these deaths is unequal access to health services. Strangely, there is little academic literature to prepare Black mothers for childbirth, which is also being cited as a factor. "Many [women] are in

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