April Ryan

Don Lemon & April Ryan Have Tense Debate Over Sen. Kamala Harris

The CNN analysts engaged in an intense debate regarding presidential candidate Kamala Harris’ ancestry.

CNN’s Brooke Baldwin Defends Black Female Reporters After Trump Attack

Journalist Brooke Baldwin defended Black female reporters after they were targeted by President Donald Trump…

April Ryan

April Ryan Says a Reporter Told Her, ‘The Only Reason You Get Called on Is Because You’re Black’

White House reporter April Ryan says she was told by a fellow Black journalist that…

Black Trump Aide Goes After April Ryan on Twitter

It appears as if we were so caught up in our disdain for former Trump…

April Ryan

April Ryan Excluded From White House Christmas Party for First Time in Her Career

Throughout her 20-year career as a White House correspondent, April Ryan had always received invites to…

April Ryan

April Ryan Pities Sean Spicer After Unamusing Appearance At The Emmys

Spicer mocked the web of lies that constituted his short-lived career with the Trump administration at Sunday night’s Emmys.