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6 Fool-Proof Job Interview Strategies

When it comes to approaching success, preparation is the name of the game. And in terms of job seeking, the best leg up you can have to be ready to command the room and skew the interview in your favor. Companies need talent just as much as candidates need jobs. Read the rest at Black Enterprise.

Careers & Finance

On a Mission: Foreign Service Specialist

The U.S. Department of State is the nation’s leading foreign affairs agency, but surprisingly, many individuals, especially African-Americans, are unfamiliar with what the agency does. And Chimere was no different. Read on and see how this dynamic engineer discovered the U.S. Department of State at a career fair, and changed the trajectory of her life.

Careers & Finance

Hell Yeah, Black Girls Run the Weather!

For the last 25 years, Vivian Brown has repped for the very few Black female on air meteorologists with The Weather Channel, proving that sometimes taking the road less traveled will lead to the best journey. How did you begin your career as an on air meteorologist? I was interning at Georgia Tech for an

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