Black Cool

Old “Bae” Becomes New Flavor For Whites
Black Listed

On White People’s “Discovery” of “Bae”

Having traveled abroad, it’s my belief that the primary export of “Black America” is cultural — music, song, dance, style, art, writing, and the list goes on. It is how we are identifiable in the world. Even traveling as far as South Africa, someone wanted to talk to me about “Jigga.” And because our culture



My rape story makes me feel guilty. I will tell it as simply as I can. I was an eighth grader, a “senior” at a magnet middle school for “gifted” children. In the way that children who display academic aptitude are plucked from their neighborhood schools, I was separated from mine, and my school-aged neighbors,

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New Book: Rebecca Walker’s “Black Cool”

We all enter the portal of Black cool in our own way. You remember the first time you saw it, felt it, knew it, don’t you? Perhaps your first glimpse of Black cool was on the Miles Davis album cover your father showed you when you were a kid: Miles sitting on the stool in

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