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Ebony Fashion Fair Eunice Johnson
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The EBONY Fashion Fair, Making and Changing History

The Johnson Publishing Company and its flagship publication, EBONY magazine, helped bring high fashion the Black middle class in America for five decades. For 50 years, from 1958 until 2009, their annual fashion show, the Ebony Fashion Fair, traversed the country. The coast-to-coast event was a pageant of haute couture that created aspirations wherever it

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Bo Derek Responds to Kim K’s ‘Bo West’ Caption

We all know that Kim Kardashian sadly yet consistently missed the mark when she posted a photo to Instagram of her wearing cornrows, which, arguably, have been around since the beginning of time. She referred to herself as “Bo West,” and many have interpreted the remark as her attributing the popular African (and African-American) style

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Teens Present ‘Where You From,’ an In-Depth Illustration of Black Chicago

On Sunday, two young women, Amaris Buford and Anta Njie, presented their debut documentary at a sold-out show in Chicago. The film, Where You From, is best described as an in-depth illustration of Black Chicago. Everyone knows that the city is the most segregated in the country, so naturally, the Black Chicagoan’s experiences are vastly different than


Powered by Rue Royale: Rare Photos from Gordon Parks

World-renowned for his contributions in photography, fashion, fine arts, film, literature and music, Gordon Parks (1912-2006) could be called the “Father of Modern-Day Black and White Photo Documentary.” A man of many firsts, including the first African American staffer at Life, the first African American photographer at Vogue, and first African American to direct a

EBONY Magazine August 2015 race sells
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For White Mags, Race Sells

Race has never been covered in more American media outlets than now, but Black life is far from a new subject for the hundreds of newspapers, magazines, and radio and television stations that have long been dedicated to reporting on the African-American experience. In a modern era when “Black” routinely dominates headlines, influences culture and

Can Jason Whitlock Save ESPN's "Black Grantland" From Himself?
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Jason Whitlock: Savior or Sell-out?

Deadspin's Greg Howard offers his thoughts on the career of Jason Whitlock, possibly America's most well-known Black sportswriter. The more people I spoke with for this story, the more I became convinced that the problem with Black Grantland, the reason for its sluggish start, the reason it's talked about in some corners of ESPN as

How Hip-Hop Failed Black America
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Questlove: Black America was Failed by Hip-Hop

Questlove pens a piece for Vulture on how hip-hop failed Black America.  Twenty years ago, when my father first heard about my hip-hop career, he was skeptical. He didn't know where it was all headed. In his mind, a drummer had a real job, like working as music director for Anita Baker. But if I’m going

Black Pathology Crowdsourced
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History and “Black Pathology”

Ta-Nehisi Coates on why historians are needed whenever serious discussions about race in America are held.  More seriously, I really would like to see more historians in these debates. We have plenty of people with economics background, with political-science backgrounds, and some even with sociology backgrounds. But it feels like there is a massive gulf

Miley Cyrus twerks it up at the 2013 VMAs.
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ABC News Explains Twerking

The latest major publication to treat exposure to something related to African-American culture like it's a safari on Mars, ABC News apparently thought it was a good idea to have a real, actual doctor explain the health benefits and possible risks of twerking. Perhaps their next report will be a multi-page expose on how some

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The Black Immigrant and the 21st Century Black Struggle

The term “African American” has become a catchall to describe black Americans in the United States. But it obscures the more nuanced realities of black immigration to the United States.  Black immigrants, whether they hail from Latin America, the Caribbean, and the African mainland, often come to the United States to escape poor conditions and

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Survey Shows Black Women Happy With Their Bodies

In a joint project by The Washington Post and The Kaiser Family Foundation, the organizations analyzed 800 Black women in America and found that 66 percent of overweight or obese Black women had high self-esteem compared to 41 percent of average-sized or thin White women. The cause of the positive mindset has scientists and sociologists boggled

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Five Reasons to Give Our Children Better Names

While mainstream media thought it was comical that basketball star Ronald William Artest legally changed his name to Metta World Peace, we had definite second-hand embarrassment. Like many others (um, Chad Ochocinco), World Peace made a choice to take his family-rooted name and exchange it for something unique and flashy. But, in this day in

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