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Sunday Manifest: A Letter To Black Fathers

As I write this, my eldest daughter Lilah, a precocious, loving, curious and energetic five year old, sits beside me at our living room table playing on her tablet, while my 16 month old West, a strong-willed and even more curious toddler, sits on my lap. This would be a normal day for most parents

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Father of Four Gives Priceless Reaction at Gender Reveal Party

We all say that we will love our child no matter what the gender, but everyone knows that fathers would like to raise at least one boy. Well this father of four girls had an interesting reaction when he found out the gender of his soon-to-be fifth child over the weekend. When Angel Taylor discovered

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Best Dad Ever! Father Makes Daughter Super Proud at Homecoming

Cool dad alert! We are smack dab in the middle of homecoming season, and no matter if you’re still in college, just graduated or are an alum of 20+ years, you know it’s a time of fun-filled action. And one father took home the crown of awesomeness when he showed his daughter’s dance squad a thing or

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PBS Series Sheds Light on Black Fatherhood in America

A new PBS docuseries is seeking to shed light on authentic Black fatherhood. POPS: Fatherhood, the Untold Story is set to premiere on PBS/Indie Lens Storycast on Oct. 26. The 11-part series was produced and directed by Peabody award-winning filmmaker Garland McLaurin. It tells three stories of African-American dads who come from a variety of socioeconomic

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Sean ‘Puff Daddy’ Combs Talks Fatherhood

Sean “Puff Daddy” Combs loves being a father and, as a dad of six, he’d better! Despite being almost a billionaire, building an empire, recently being named Forbes’ richest celebrity of 2017 (he’s worth a whopping $820 million) and having international fame, the business mogul says that being a dad is his greatest achievement yet. “I

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Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Talks Fatherhood

Father’s Day is Sunday and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is sharing his proudest moments as a dad thus far. During an interview with PEOPLE, the Baywatch star detailed what he loved most about being a dad and offered a super comforting message to his daughters. “My proudest moment as a father would be, umm … well I

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Cavs’ Kyrie Irving Surprises Dad with Home Renovation

NBA star Kyrie Irving might not be this year’s NBA Finals champ, but he’s certainly an MVP in our eyes. Why? Because the 25-year-old Cleveland Cavaliers point guard did something very special for his dad. According to People, Irving renovated his father’s home. “He sacrificed a lot,” Kyrie says in the latest episode of online series “My

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Fear of a Black Dad: Jamie Foxx and Other Fearless Fathers of Movie History

Sleep is for suckers and that’s one thing detective Vincent Downs—played by Academy Award winner Jamie Foxx—is not. When the film debuts on Jan. 13 you’ll witness Downs going Sleepless in Sin City, on a mission to keep his teenage son from falling victim to the vindictive drug lord he betrayed, with the help of equally shady

George C. Gardner, III
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‘He Did It Well’

I love my father. I love him for many reasons, but mostly because he did what he was supposed to do. He did it well. And beyond that, he did it alone. My parents divorced when I was young—so young that I don’t have any memories of them being together. And for reasons that I

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The Absent Black Dad Myth

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently published new data on the role that American fathers play in parenting their children. Most of the CDC’s previous research on family life — which the agency explores as an important contributor to public health and child development — has focused exclusively on mothers. But the

‘Bet on Black’ Challenges Stereotypes of Black Fatherhood
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Bet on Black: Anthology Celebrates Black Women and Their Dads

Between the oft cited statistic that shows two out of three Black children living apart from their fathers, and the often oversimplified media portraits of Black dads who “walk away” from their children, the most common image of Black fatherhood is that of absence. In the upcoming anthology Bet on Black: African-American Women Celebrate Fatherhood