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‘Get Out’ is Challenging Perceptions of Black Masculinity

After leaving the theater following a 7:30 PM showing of Get Out, I was speechless. Quite frankly, I was in shock to see a film — a horror film, no less — that challenged the prominent stereotypes that have been a part of this country’s racial fibers for centuries. Simultaneously, while taking the notion of

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‘Moonlight’ Is Not Just Another Black Gay Movie

When it comes to films about sexuality, Black gay men have had our share of low budget movies with mediocre acting and stereotypical storylines. It’s rare these days to see anything authentic come across the big screen, let alone something tackling sexuality and gender norms. That’s why when I saw the trailer of Moonlight I

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FX’s ‘Atlanta’ Offers Rarely Seen Depictions of Black Masculinity

If anyone had any doubts that representation matters, they haven’t checked out Donald Glover’s new FX series, Atlanta. After last week’s premiere that garnered critical acclaim (and 3 million viewers), the show that takes its name from the capitol city of the Peach State is poised to be one of Fall’s most talked about shows.

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Man, Listen: RyanCoogler, Michael B. Jordan and “Looking Gay”

I wasn’t the least bit surprised to see the recent orgy of idiocy and overreaction that was the response to a recent picture Vanity Fair published of Michael B. Jordan and Ryan Coogler. Instead of focusing on what the story was actually about – Jordan and Coogler being “style disruptors” – many folks opted instead


The Black Man’s Guide to Life

There ain’t nothing like being a righteous Black man. Not just Black by accident of birth, pigmentation and gender-assigning chromosomes. A righteous Black man—unapologetically confident about defining Blackness for himself and never ashamed to claim it in mixed company. He’s OK with knowing that Black maleness is both hard work and a dangerous occupation in

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Introducing MANIFEST:Black Men Tackle Identity, Struggle and Power

We are pleased to introduce MANIFEST: Black Men Tackle Identity, Struggle and Power, an exclusive multimedia series that takes an in depth look at the lives of Black men and boys. Through discussion and exploration around nine major topics (fatherhood, art, health, relationships/sexuality, spirituality, incarceration, activism, employment and education), we are shining a light on


[EXCLUSIVE]Wade Davis, Jr: Former NFL Player Turned LGBT Advocate

Wade Davis, Jr.—the former National Football League (NFL) player turned educator, writer, LGBT activist, and hero—has recently garnered national attention for being one of the few former NFL athletes who have publically come out as gay. He has been featured on, on CNN as a guest of Soledad O’Brien, on Chuck Scarborough’s NBC program,

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Strong, Silent—and Depressed?Is Acting Like “a Man” Bringing Brothers Down?

Nestled among depressing updates about the Trayvon Martin atrocity and the lesser-known racialized police slayings of  Kenneth Chamberlain, Sr., and  Ramarley Graham, I stumbled on some promising news on the Black male survival front. In a new study published in the big-deal American Journal of Public Health, UNC Chapel Hill professor and researcher Wizdom Powell

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Strange Love: Black Men and Rick Ross

I can’t think of another person as famous in a uniquely bizarre way as Jessica Gomes happens to be right now.  To wit, she is… 1. Famous for being a supermodel who’s appeared in numerous ad campaigns and each of the last four Sports Illustrated swimsuit issues. 2. Currently the second most recognizable female voice